White Peanut Cup Battle! Underdog Justin’s VS.Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cup (WorkoutPanther.com Official)

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Found these pandas at Starbucks they come with two peanut butter cups as well so The white chocolate on this thing is faint enough not overpower the peanut butter but strong enough to stay on your mind. And it creates a consistency similar to a pearl white rolls Royce in your mouth.
5/5 Stars Justin’s Makes Art

Reese's white

Reese’s ———- Literally tasted like they just flipped a switch from milk chocolate to white chocolate, that means chocolate to peanut better ratio is the exact same as a normal Reese’s.

The Deciding factor is rightly the white chocolate itself – Reese’s is cool, even good. But Justin’s. Justin’s melts in your mouth like wax from your burning desire for white chocolate.

Winner – Justin’s


untitled (2)

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