SilverTech No Show Running Socks

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Our no-show socks are made with odor ousting SilverTech threads, nylon threading for flexibility and comfort and a small silicone pad on the heel that prevents any slippage or blisters. Whatever the task, these socks are fit for the job.

The no-show socks have been done and re-done… countless times with mixed results. Some are loose around the foot and end up pouring out the top. Others are too small and slip off your heel causing painful blisters. Our legal department says we can’t call them perfect, but we are throwing caution to the wind and we declare them damn near close to perfect. Knit into the seams are nylon to retain shape and fit and XT2 silver fibers that keep things from getting cheesy. Additionally we fitted the no-show socks with a silicone pad on the heel that grips your foot and prevents slippage and blisters. Not to brag but it appears Achilles just ordered some. Boom.

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