Quick Home Workout: 4 Of My Fave Ab Moves! by Laura McDonald

Quick Home Workout: 4 Of My Fave Ab Moves! from Laura McDonald on Vimeo.

Site: lauramcdonaldhealth.com
I’m a trainer and health coach in NYC and I love sharing quick workouts that you can do right at home.
These moves are some of my favorites because they are simple and effective and you can do them in a very small space.
Remember to always warm-up for a few minutes, stay hydrated, check with your doctor before beginning any new routine and most importantly, listen to your body.
Here’s the breakdown:
Perform 20-40 reps of each exercise. Repeat the entire sequence a few times or do a few rounds throughout the day.
Legs Up:
Lie on your black and lift your legs toward the ceiling. Try to straighten them as much as you can, but bent knees are ok. Place your hands behind your head and exhale as you lift your shoulders and head off the ground, making sure not to pull on your neck.
On your back, bend knees and place feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and anchor those feet and lower body as you lift shoulders off the ground and begin circling with the upper body. Continue circling in the same direction for 10-20 reps, then perform circles in the opposite direction.
Double Crunch:
On your back, place hands behind head, take feet off the ground and bend knees. Exhale as you curl your tailbone up off the ground and lift your shoulders off the ground simultaneously. Imagine peeling them off the ground and taking the knees and forehead towards each other. Lower with control. Leave the lower body on the ground if you have any back issues.
Old Fashioned Bicycle:
The “bicycle” move is tried and true, working the entire sheet of ab muscles with every pedal. On your back place hands behind head, elbows wide and extend right leg as you twist the right elbow towards the left knee. “Pedal” your bike from side to side, maintaining good form, a steady breath and don’t pull on the neck.

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